A Parking Solution For Chaparral High School

A Parking Solution For Chaparral High School

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Pearson Story started this petition to Chaparral Administration and

*This whole thing is satire, apparently that wasn’t obvious. I’m poking fun at a serious issue, don’t take this seriously.*  

   The parking situation at chaparral is just awful. There is just no other way to put it. Your options are to buy a parking spot for $125 from the school, to park outside of the school on either a street that allows parallel parking, or, in a businesses parking lot, or to get a ride. Those are a students options.

   Option number one, buying a parking spot, is just not feasible for most people. With a limited supply of reserved spots, its on a first come, first served bases where many don't get served. They are left to choose between, carpooling with a friend, bussing, and parking elsewhere. This statement doesn't even factor in the financials behind the parking spot, as some can't, or are just simply not willing to fork over $125 to park at their own school.

   The option of carpooling is good in theory, but in practice rarely works. I am someone who carpools, I drive my neighbor to and from school just about every day, but that's because they are my neighbor. If it where anyone else, I, along with many others, would not be open to the idea of waking up earlier and going out of their way to pick up someone who may already have a car. This option also doesn't consider the fact that, unless with a large following, carpooling doesn't work as their is an overflow of students who need to park. We are not at maximum capacity, we are over it. The spots needed to actually make carpooling an option, still, are not there. 

   The option of bussing just doesn't work for some people. In order to take the bus, one has to wake up early in order to catch it, obviously. Often earlier than they would have to get up in order to get a parking spot at the school. Not to mention the fact that some students, like me, have to walk a great distance to get to their stop. Yes, I know a bit of exercise is nothing to cry over, but this demotivates students from taking the bus over just driving and getting a spot before someone else. Additionally, this option becomes even worse when you account for those who don't have a bus to go to. Many students are outside the bus's field of influence, thus leaving them with the options of carpooling, which as discussed above doesn't work, or driving to school and hoping to get there before someone else.

   The option of parking elsewhere really isn't an option anymore. With CPK now towing students for parking in their lot, and just about everywhere else doing the same, students are left with two options, the church lot, which fills up about an hour before school starts, and to parallel park near the school, which also fills up before school starts. 

   Now on to solutions to the issue. Here I will compile a list of solutions, many of which I cannot take credit for as they were suggested to me, for the admins to consider mentioning to the state, as some suggestions cannot be done by the school, and for the school itself to put into place.

  The first suggestion that will be listed is to build a parking garage. Now, if you just read that one sentence, you may be thinking, what am I on about, but please listen. I recommend that the school either ask for funding from the state, or wherever that request would go to, or to come up with the money themselves. I would first like to preface that this is not a very likely solution, as it is just not realistic, but its a solution non the less. I declare that the school use the money from parking spots, at $125 a spot there should be a decent sum at the end of each school year, and put the money into a devoted account, where it is to be used to pay for said parking garage. This solution would take a period of many years, but once finished and put into action, would be a long lasting one.

  My second suggestion is to use one of the excessively many practice fields, and turn it into a parking lot. This again is costly and would be done over a period of time, but it is cheaper than a parking garage and would leave room for later expansion of one [parking garage] in the future. Money would come from the same places as above, either from the state or whoever would supply it, or from the money made from parking spots, and would be a lasting solution, for quite frankly a lot less money than a parking garage. (Under Investigation On Wether Or Not This Can Be Done, Will Update When I Find Out)

  My third solution would be to provide bussing from certain, publicly available parking garages. This would mean that the buses could come later as there are fewer stops to make, and the bus would pick up more students per stop. This solution is simple, and cheap, but I'm sure there are some logistical nightmares that would go into it. However, if implemented correctly, this would be a very cheap, and convenient solution to many.

   My fourth solution is for the school to make a easily available, and updated list of all the places students can park, without fear of being towed, ticketed, booted, etc. This solution is simple, easy, cheap, and quite frankly, very feasible. Though this would not fix the parking issue as a whole, it would allow students who are unable to make it into certain parking spaces, due to them being full, to find other options. I don't think that this solution should be done alone, but I do think it should be done.

  My fifth solution is to make a deal with nearby businesses, that would allow students to park in their lot, during school hours. This solution would require a business who either doesn't have customers that frequent during the day, or one that only operates on the weekend, which is why the church works so well. All it would take is for the school to contact a place with an appealing argument as to why the students should be able to park there, and hope for the best. This however is not a guaranteed way of solving things as businesses can change their minds over the years or just flat out deny the school from letting students park there.


If you have any suggestions for the schools parking issue that I haven’t listen, please feel free to voice your opinion so that I can add it to the list 

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