Changing The Indian Education System

Changing The Indian Education System

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7,500 साइन के बाद इस पेटीशन को डिसीजन मेकर की प्रतिक्रिया मिलने की संभावना बढ़ सकेगी!

Aayush Boliya ने Prime Minister of India और को संबोधित करके ये पेटीशन शुरू किया

I'm Aayush Boliya, a Young Innovator & Researcher, founder of ScienceRapid & Aayush Boliya's UNIVERSE.

At the start of the term 2017-2018, in class 11th.
My parents sent me to Kota to Study for JEE exams and I was agreed with that because I'm passionate about Science and I have a same kind of nature (as my relatives & Parents describe), Always curious about knowing more, Operating appliances, Experimenting with things and repairing them, working on my Ideas etc. So my Parents thought I should fight the JEE exams to get into IIT where I could get my environment.
But after two months I realized that Kota's Education was just about making Students able to "Solve Questions, Not Problems",
They did'nt focussed on Concepts & Applications, instead focussed on marks .
They did partiality and good teachers thought the Upper Batch students,.
I was not so, I always Tried to find The Reason of everything but they urged us to learn things that are compex to understand.
I had 1000s of questions arising but they couldn't be solved in a class of 120 students.
They never showed illustrations and applications but totally focussed on marks.
Soon I realise that this was the flaw of Indian Education System as they only focussed on Marks and Rotting things and ignored Creativity, Ideas and Imagination. 
I was lagging behind in studies, being puzzled in questions like How and What and not leaving hard topic & mugging them up, I was getting -ve marks and my Homework was even increasing, I tried to adapt myself according to such a Polluted environment where people were studying Science not for their Passion in R&D but for getting High Packages and enjoying IIT lives; but I couldn't change myself and was finally bored of trying again and again. Spending 7 months of suffering, I returned to Bhilwara (November 20, 2017).

I was determined to complete my research projects, idealising Elon Musk, Ritesh Agarwal, Dr. Kalam & Stephen Hawking. My subjects range from Electronic, Mechanical Innovations to  Astrophysics, Reterraformation, Sustainable Development, Space Research, etc.

Now I'm a Innovator, 16 yr. Among the Top 16 Young Innovator of India by Times Group 2018, Finalist of Bennett Hatchery Innovation Launchpad - 2018 & NIF Dr. Kalam Ignite - 2017. Founder of “ScienceRapid”, a hackerspace for learning STEM. Developed 100+ Innovation & Invention Designs, also 15+ Reasearch Papers ranging from Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics to Even Economics & Psychology etc. and 20+ Startup Concepts & Business Plans.

I  remember once I met a experienced Teacher of Resonance who said, "Had you born in in Developed Country, You would've easily got many opportunities to mentor your Ideas, But here in India you will uselessly have to Run in “Rat Race” to get your place. India doesn't deserve people like you.”

Problem is that Indian Education System is truly outdated, It's not only making our Children less intelligent, But also spoiling the Nation's future.

◆ This System makes children to Memorize facts like Computers, making them Robot Zombies.

◆ Students are forced by Parents & Authorities to get Highest Marks, and Intelligence is being judged by Fredrick J. Kelly's MCQs.

◆ Our Education System is making Children to chose High Package Jobs Careers like Engineer or Doctor and Not what they are Passionate about.
Students who try to walk on Different tracks are suppressed and demotivted.

◆ There is Zero Practicality and only Bookish Knowledge.

◆ Students keep Rotting concepts, without knowing the Applied Science.

◆ Students who get : Below avg. marks choose Arts & Humanities; Avg. marks choose Commerce; Above avg. marks choose Science; and Interest & Passion are never minded.

◆ Illegal Dummy Schools are running to support Coaching Companies, making fake attendances of Students, without attending schools.

◆ No Practical STEM and Entrepreneurship knowledge is given to Students.

◆ Sports is a formality in Indian schools and is given negligible attention.

◆ Selection processes like JEE, AIPMT, NEET are totally depended on marks and cannot determine students' eligibility for Engineering or Doctor Study.

Every year India produces Engineers that are more than the population of Sweden, Still India ranks 62nd in Global Innovation Index whereas Sweden ranks 1st. 

◆ And Last but not the Least, India being the Youngest Country with 1.34 billion people has only 7 + 5 (Partial Indians) Nobel Laureates, and only 28 Olympic Medals (in last 116 years).

What do you think can be the reason why countries like US, UK, Japan and Germany has hundreds of Nobel Laureates and Olympic medals with soo less People compared to India ?

I am determined to change such situation and avenge for my wasted of Time & Money, and I need your help so that no other student suffer, and become a :


0 व्यक्ति ने साइन किए। 7,500 हस्ताक्षर जुटाएं!
7,500 साइन के बाद इस पेटीशन को डिसीजन मेकर की प्रतिक्रिया मिलने की संभावना बढ़ सकेगी!