Change Minnesota High School Golf to Fall

Change Minnesota High School Golf to Fall

1,603 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

Why this petition matters

Started by Michael Hinton

We've had it.  It's time.  We as the golf community give our full sport to our schools, our athletes and our game in an effort to change the high school golf season to a fall sport.  Please sign our petition and know it's for the good of our game, and for our athletes participating in golf.

Here are perfect reasons on why high school golf season needs to switch to a fall sport as soon as 2022:

1. Conflict. The spring golf season has too much conflict with golf courses being more and more over crowded. It's getting harder and harder for coaches to schedule with limited access to tee times.

2, Weather.  This is obvious but a huge reason.  What other sport has a month where you can't play, or play your first "match" at a halfway season conference tournament?  None.   Would football ever start their season with the conference championship?  Never. This is so ridiculous it's a total slap in the face to our game and our kids.

3. Girls.  How are you going to grow the game of golf, especially to young women, by making them play in the snow and in 40 degree weather? Girls want to play in warm weather, not freezing cold temperatures and rain/snow. Golf needs to finish the first week or second week in October when the weather is predictable, warm and perfect. 

4. Discriminatory.  Its a sport where kids of any financial capacity can play.  Golf is cheap, the state has various free programs like the First Tee where kids of color and any background can participate for free and get free equipment. Let the kids play in the entire summer, get coaching and develop.  It's not fair to kids who can't afford to travel on spring break or afford golf lessons or simulators in the winter.  All kids should be able to work on their game over the summer and make our state tournament stronger.

5. Time.  The spring golf season makes it almost worthless for athletes trying to get scholarships.  Unless you are playing in national tournaments in the fall of your junior year, you will miss out on potential scholarships for college in the spring.  Colleges have their teams figured out by then and the athletes senior year does not matter. 

6. Coaching quality.  Long gone are the days when the football coach chose to coach golf only to drive the van.  Coaching is big business and golf is a primary sport in high school now.  More schools are hiring golf professionals as the competition for scholarships and college sky rockets.

7. Golf Courses.  They may actually want our business now when the golf season slows down and they can capture extra revenue. By bringing golf to the fall, our golf courses would be able to host our athletes easier and wouldn't that be nice for a change? 

1,603 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!