Do Not Let CUNY Violate Student Privacy

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Petition supported by University Student Senate, Student Gov at BrooklynJohn Jay, Baruch, Queens, BMCC, Hunter, York and CSI.

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As the Fall 2020 semester begins, online classes are implementing various software services to curb potential academic dishonesty. While the intentions are in good faith, the implementation will be atrocious. 

CUNY, through its partnership with McGraw Hill Publishing, will use Proctorio to spy on students and violate their rights to privacy. A list of violations follow:

Can READ and CHANGE all the data on a student's web browser,
Modifies students' keyboard functionality,
Monitors and stores KEYSTROKE movements while using the computer,
Captures ALL SCREEN CONTENT on the student's computer,
Manages and CHANGES any downloads on the student's computer,
Identifies ALL devices connected to a student's computer,
Manages ALL apps, extensions, and even themes on a student's computer,
Changes ALL privacy-related settings on a student's computer,
Monitors EYE MOVEMENTS via webcam and saves all recordings,
Records and stores ALL sounds while in use,
Requires initial and periodic ROOM scans.
Proctorio is a direct and abhorrent violation of privacy at every conceivable level. Full and unrestricted access to personal data from students (computers, private physical rooms, and other means of identification/monitoring) is a despicable overreach by CUNY, and McGraw Hill. It is unacceptable that students must surrender their civil rights, especially while attending a public institution, to complete their education.

CUNY colleges must create solutions to test-taking that does not violate students' right to privacy, especially in their own homes. 

Please sign the petition to show administration officials at CUNY schools that this unacceptable.