Demanding An Apology From Chad Hensler

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A custom T-shirts with Wu-Tang Clan’s logo was made, but the English letters are “WU-HAN” NOT “Wu-TANG”. The recipient address is "Canada Ambassador North Gate 2, No. 19 Dongzhimenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing", recipient "Chad Hensler". Chad Hensler previously served as First Secretary and Deputy Consul in the Canadian Embassy in China.

Canada’s Foreign Ministry said that the shirts using the “W” logo of the Wu-Tang Clan but with the group’s name replaced with “Wuhan” was not intended as a slight. Apparently, this excuse does not stand. Chad Hensler deliberately put a WuTang Clan’s logo with “Wu-HAN”. This is slandering WuTang Clan and WuHan.

This issue were also under the spot light on reddit:

As such, we demand an official apology from Chad Hensler for insulting Wu-Tang Clan and Wuhan China including the government officials, front liners and citizens.