Call for Safe drinking water supply by Municipal Authorities

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I think almost everyone in South Delhi or other parts of Delhi has suffered due to poorest quality of Municipal water supply in the Area. Various complaints have gone to Authorities but to deaf ears.

The water is supplied in abundance but its quality is the worst. The clean usable water supply is only from 2 am to 4.30 am meaning thereby that every household must fill water during these hours. Those, who let their water pumps to run on auto systems to avoid wastage by overflow of water, are suffering the most. The contaminated water consumed has health hazards because it comes  mixed with sewage water.  Many citizens and their children have been a victim. They were even admitted  to hospitals.  To fill up only clean water, one must wake up at 2 am daily, meaning disturbed sleep of a family member who works in the daytime. Undoubtedly it has poor health consequences both ways.

 If you feel concerned, do sign this petition and help me spread the message in a manner that is compulsive to Authorities to take prompt action. If the water quality for citizens improves, it will bring more productive results by students and citizens as a whole.

How can we take collective action as a society to achieve Sustainable Development Goals if this issue alone is not addressed? The goals we have to achieve are 3: Good health and well being, 6:Clean water and Sanitation, 13: Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12: Responsible consumption and Production, 15:  Life on land. I hope you would want to make your little contribution towards these goals by signing this petition.  Let's wake up, join hands and make India proud.