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This is a petition calling for the installation of CCTV and appropriate lighting within Alexandra Park Hastings by creating an INDIGO PATH to keep our community safe.

In 2020 My best friend Kay Early was brutally attacked by a man whilst walking her dog in Alexandra Park. She was taking a route that is regularly frequented by everyone from cyclists to families with children. The man attacked her from behind, and began punching and kicking until she almost lost consciousness. It was daylight when the assault took place, there were people jogging and taking strolls nearby.

Thankfully in my friends case a group of passers by witnessed the horrific attack and managed to chase him away. She sustained significant head injuries, cuts and bruises all over her face and body and whilst she has recovered physically from the attack, it has left her battling severe symptoms of PTSD.

The investigation into Kays attack has recently been dropped due to lack of evidence - The police stated that appropriate CCTV footage would have strengthened the case. Sadly Kay's case is not the only one of this nature within the Park, there have been many robberies, sexual assaults and attacks both during daylight and after dark. The park is situated within a highly populated area linking both the Town centre and St Leonards so is also often used as a bypass route for commuters. This is why I believe it is now time to do something and prevent further crime.

We have devised a realistic way of doing this - so that women can feel safe to walk alone, aswell as younger people, and anyone else who feels vulnerable. We want an INDIGO PATH. This will be a main central route which runs the entire length of the park from entrance to exit ~ one end to the other which is fully surveilled by CCTV at all times, aswell as protected with suitable lighting after dark. It addresses potential issues with blind spots, and also respects wildlife conservation. It can be clearly marked with signs, a named route that everyone knows ~ including law enforcement, therefore will also provide additional safety measures in terms of being used as a signposted landmark for anyone in trouble. It is also an idea that is easily transferable for other parks, so can catch on for security measures in other areas.

Not only is CCTV and lighting essential in terms of gathering evidence in order to convict those who use the Park for criminal activity, it is also a deterrent and should be there to keep all members of our community who use the Park safe. I have also created a facebook group 'Make Alexandra Park Safe' for those who wish to share their views, ideas and stories -as well as to link/signpost local organisations and charities involved with the social issues highlighted.