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Kim's Convenience has Fans from from all over the world that have shared their love of the show and stories of how it has been a ray of light in their lives especially in these uncertain times.

Beyond that Kim's Convenience also represents something greater in a time when diversity in media is more important than ever.  Kim's stands front and center for Representation with ambassadors like Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Mr. Kim) and Simu Liu (Jung) leading the charge.

With the announcement of its abrupt end, it seems like Kim's won't get a proper conclusion, such as:

- Jung and Appa reconciliation / conclusion
- Umma and dealing with her illness
- Janet and finding happiness
- and much more

We hope the Producers, CBC, Thunderbird Entertainment, Creators, Writers, Cast and Crew see the passion of the fans and reconsider this decision.  

You've created this masterpiece, please give it the ending it deserves.

The Kimbits