Remove GHHS Principal

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Since being assigned as Principal of Green Hope High School in 2019, the current Principal of GHHS has an established pattern that is damaging to students and to the overall health of the school environment.  Specifically she has:

  1. Made major rule changes with no warning and without any data or evidence to support changes. For example, she banned all social time in the commons area before school and then complains about students being late. 
  2. Been inconsistent in statements to students and parents. She has flat out lied.
  3. Shown a lack of interest in students advocating for the arts and actually avoided them when they spoke up at a WCPSS board meeting.
  4. Referred parents and students to a GHHS student handbook online, but then says teachers have discretion to apply it as they see fit--opening the door for discrimination. 
  5. Created a tardy table system that has increased the amount of instructional time missed by tardy students. 
  6. Made negative comments about students in a public setting.
  7. Sent the message to students and parents that she is not concerned about students' best interest. 
  8. Forced families to look at other schooling options to avoid the negative environment she has created.
  9. Refused to communicate in an honest and productive manner. She prefers to be reactive instead of proactive and leave out vital information. 
  10. Refused to reinstate sports clubs that existed at GHHS prior to her arrival--citing safety issues but refuses to provide any data support that claim.
  11. Cut the dance program without attempting to adequately problem solve and work with stakeholders to save the important program.
  12. Allowed MVP to be used in Math 3 even though Central Office and the WCPSS School Board gave her permission to not use it.
  13. Made outside athletic and extracurricular absences unexcused.
  14. Not exempted seniors from exams when they have extended illness.
  15. Significantly reduced the student cadets program.
  16. Had numerous issues around the release of student schedules. (Latest release date in over 4 years five minutes before a scheduled Powerschool maintenance period, students have gaps in schedules, and students missing core classes)
  17. Had numerous issues around class registration (over 36 errors) when Powerschool Class registration went live three days late.
  18. Directly caused low morale for staff and students.
  19. Bullied students and parents.
  20. Handled the coronavirus crisis very poorly. Despite many parents questioning what has happening, sent very limited communication, which left students and parents in the dark and them trying to get answers from media and central office staff.
  21. Directed GHHS staff to take AP Music Theory off the list of available classes for the 2019-2020 school year.
  22. Gave permission for 34 guitars at GHHS to be given to Centennial Middle School (where GHHS' Guitar Teacher and class was being moved). Twenty four of those guitars were purchased by the GHHS Booster Club.
  23. Refused to help students when they shockingly discovered they weren't registered for their AP exam(s). Ignored emails. Failed to advocate and figure out what went wrong. Showed no concern for students impacted.

Based upon all the documented concerns about the GHHS principal, we ask that she be removed from her position immediately.