Urgent! Stop deportation of Ken Oranyendu! Defend the Right to Family Life.

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Kenneth Oranyendu faces deportation to Nigeria possibly on a charter flight. These leave every two months with many people from west Africa bundled onto these secretive flights and dumped in Nigeria regardless of where they are from.

He was held in Brook House detention centre, near Gatwick airport and in Colnbrook near Heathrow, as well as the appalling Morton Hall IRC. We demand the deportation of Ken be halted and that he is immediately granted asylum. We demand an end to all deportations, especially the sordid and squalid British charter flights.

Ken is a former prisoner sentenced to over 3 years in jail for drug trafficking offences. He has served his time and his punishment for his offences, which he regrets, but the racist British government is punishing him twice and punishing his family. The policy of double punishment is both racist and oppressive. Ken is the father of four children, aged four, five, 8 and 17, all British citizens.

Britain operates a criminal justice system in which citizens and non-citizens are treated differently. It is a scandal that non-British citizens are punished twice if they commit a crime. Ken has been living here for many years, has family dependent on him, is settled here and is trying to rebuild his life after making mistakes in his life. Rehabilitation is a key part of humanity, no one should be condemned and the key thrown away. Deportation is an additional and far worse punishment than imprisonment, and punishment of his innocent children. Britain and other imperialist nations are also stealing the oil wealth of Nigeria and polluting it's environment, with no accountability, creating poverty and inequality and immense suffering, which causes migrant workers to migrate in the first place.

Please write urgently to Home Secretary Priti Patel, as well as to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Immigration minister Seema Kennedy at the racist Home Office, voicing your displeasure. His HO ref Number is O1820102.


Priti Patel, Home Secretary:

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