Cruise Lines: Don't promote the upcoming dolphin show in St. Thomas.

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The new dolphin enclosure built by Coral World Ocean Park and located within Water Bay, St. Thomas, has recently been constructed in a body of water which is frequently deemed as unsafe for swimming and/or fishing. This is usually due to enterococci bacteria within the bay exceeding the threshold of safe limits. Poor water circulation and catastrophic runoff after heavy rains has always been an ongoing problem within this particular bay.

That's why we the undersigned are asking that cruise lines coming to St. Thomas not market and/or sell cruise ship excursions to the new dolphin enclosure at Coral World Ocean Park.

Our group, V.I. Dolphin Voices, is comprised of hundreds of outraged and concerned citizens within St. Thomas who are opposed to dolphins being held captive for financial gain and entertainment. We are also opposed to the particular location of the recently constructed pen. Not only do we consider it unhealthy for dolphins to be confined and permanently housed in a body of water that is so frequently polluted by pathogens, but there is also a major concern for the health of passengers when getting in the water with the dolphins. ​

The water in this bay may look crystal clear, but that does not make it safe to swim.

Please don't endanger the health and safety of the passengers and the tourists that we are so very happy to welcome to visit our beautiful island.​