Petition for the increase of percentage on Mathematics CXC School Based Assessment

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I am sure that by now the entire Caribbean was made aware of the unfortunate event that unfolded on May 16th 2019 at approximately 9a.m. The CXC Mathematics paper 2 left the CXC students in a state of distraught, I myself must say it was an incredibly challenging exam that was set in an unfair manner. Rumours have now began to spread that certain Trinidadian students had their phones in the exams and even text books and videos have surfaced proving that this indeed true!
Such ludicrousness should not be ignored!
And as a result of this, I would like to request that the percentage of the Mathematics CXC School Based Assessment should be raised to 50% of the grade. If such an challenging exam of over 30 pages can be given to us the students with no feeling of remorse or a second thought then certainly my request can be addressed.

Sign this petition for this dilemma to be addressed in the manner that I have stated, we deserve for this possibility to become a reality .