Third person view mode in Resident evil 7

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According to the latest news the incoming new Resident Evil 7 due out in January 2017 will be playable exclusively in first person view mode, this decision made many of the old fans frown for the simple reason that there are many people out there who suffer from "Motion Sickness" caused by the first person view camera movements, some people started to feel nauseous after 2 minutes of playthrough of the teaser released a couple of days ago and nearly threw up. We ask Capcom to add a third person view mode to compliment these people, it shouldn't take much effort, since motion sickness caused by videogames is a well known inconvenience we think people should have a choice in any FPV videogame. We're very happy to see the series has gone back to its horror roots, so this is all what we're asking for. Games like Fallout or Skyrim showed that a switchable camera view available works very well and will surely enhance the game experience in RE7 too.

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