Return of the games franchise DINO CRISIS for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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I am a big fan of the games franchise DINO CRISIS, I could always play all the games of the saga. But it closed in the third game (DINO CRISIS 3), which did not meet the expectations of the public and did not obtain the expected financial return, thus making the game producer (CAPCOM), leave the survival and horror games franchise with dinosaurs indefinitely. I confess that I like other games of the company and producer, such as Resident Evil, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter among others. The Resident Evil saga is what I could see growing along with DINO CRISIS, but contrary to the franchise with dinosaurs, the 'Resident Evil' saga still continues to grow and despite the ups and downs of the franchise, the company has always presented us with new titles from the Resident Evil franchise with new graphics engines, different modes and game styles, new gameplay and impressive stories. All this with a certain frequency. The most recent was 'Resident Evil 7 - 2017', in which it underwent a complete redesign of gameplay, but managed to maintain its roots, appealing to critics, gamers and fans alike. I say on behalf of the entire gamer community and DINO CRISIS fans, that the franchise deserves a second chance. Despite the past failure, we live in a new era, new technologies are constantly being discovered and gaming area is a major contributor to such advance. Compared to another franchise of the same company and with the same theme (horror and survival), which has gone through ups and downs, but always had a second chance. I do not see any harm in giving a second chance to another game as appreciated as and exploiting new growth opportunities with it. In parallel terms, it is the franchise of this genre (science fiction / horror / survival with dinosaurs) more respected and worshiped by the community. It had a compelling story, charismatic characters, varied and memorable enemies. In addition to very rich and diverse scenarios and environments. In technical aspects, it had a good gameplay, well fluid (standard of the time), great graphics for the generation in which it belonged and animations (CG's) well worked. In other respects, despite being boosted by the hype of the time, causes by the films of the same subject (dinosaurs), "Jurassic Park - 1993". Its contents were all original, had some similarities with another successful game of the time (Resident Evil), but were positive similarities. Since it was the same producer / director (Shinji Mikami). DINO CRISIS had two sequences of the main line, the last one (DINO CRISIS 3) being the least productive, causing the producer's disinterest in the production of new games of the same title and a spin-off, DINO STALKER. However, recently through your official twitter, through a question from a fan. The producer left open the possibility of resuming with the franchise. I leave here the link with the question of the fan and the answer given by the producer:

It is clear the answer given by the company and producer of the franchise! And leave open the possibility of return of the franchise. For this to occur, mutual interest is necessary for many people. So that it is thus considered and evaluated by the same, the return of the franchise of games titled DINO CRISIS. Before asking for the support and help of all. I would like to leave my opinion on all the good points that the company can associate in case it returns with the production and distribution of the game. Thinking about it, I formulated based on the three basic concepts of a business or essential principles of a company (mission, vision and values), clarifying in a simple and objective way our appeal:

Present an innovative product already established in the entertainment market through the use of technological advances achieved by the area of ​​game development, where it can be played on the main platforms of the current market (Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC). customers, consumers and fans. And it brings a considerable financial return to the company and producer of the intellectual property in question (CAPCOM), in which it can cover production costs and obtain a positive profit margin that can be used to invest in new technologies in the production of games Restoring the credibility of the DINO CRISIS brand.

Expand the line of independent productions by making the title of the DINO CRISIS line of games a substitute for major company titles (such as Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Street Figther and other games cited above), maximizing profits in the production period between a game and the other. In which such profits can be used for the investment and increase of the life time of the DINO CRISIS franchise, brand, product or the main production titles of the company. Exploring the production of new technologies in the area of ​​video game development, either internally or externally or through outsourced partners. Contributing to the company's image and the study of new independent productions (IP's).

Restore the credibility of the DINO CRISIS title and brand in a satisfactory way to the largest number of stakeholders.

With this, I request the cooperation of all fans and admirers of this game franchise to be ascribed to my appeal, join forces to demonstrate the company and producer our total interest in the return of the titles of DINO CRISIS the main platforms of video games current the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.