Make Alatreon Stronger

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Hey I am fairly new to this game and got pretty hooked with it. I am currently already MR 450 and love the endgame grind. Currently Playing Dual blades & Charge Blade mostly using elemental Kjarr Builds. But I feel like Kulve Taroth's Weapons are broken. They keep flinching the monster non-stop and it doesn't even get a chance to fight back.

Recently we got the 4th Free Title Update introducing Alatreon to Iceborne. They made an amazing job with the combat and the hitboxes. Before release I was afraid this DPS mechanic is going to script the fight too much and be not as enjoyable but I was wrong. The Elemental DPS checks are tiny and every time you reach them you get rewarded with a free knock down. My first attempt clear was 22 Minutes but I was using dragon element which is not very efficient and not knowing anything about the fight. Now he always dies in less than 10 minute or 5 Minutes when I play with friends.

I find that a bit too fast for a '' Black Dragon''. I have seen as well some Japanese team destroyed it in 3 minutes and 4 seconds first day with Pierce ammo. What I really want is an HP Buff of 50% on Alatreon and maybe make his attacks stronger because with the new gear & Rocksteady you can just tank everything. I don't wanna say the fight is too easy but honestly this doesn't represent a Black Dragon. Please sign this petition if you agree with me and want a stronger Alatreon!