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End tail docking and ear cropping in Canada

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We need to change some of the antiquated ways we treat dogs. Ear cropping and tail docking were once performed to protect dogs from injury while hunting or working. These painful procedures may have served their purpose when dogs were exclusively working animals, but times have changed, and there is absolutely no reason to continue them now that dogs are mainly indoor companions. Yet, in Canada, we still cut off puppies’ tails and ears for cosmetic purposes.

Most of Atlantic Canada (as well as British Columbia and Quebec) have banned cropping and docking because they consider it unnecessary and cruel. The BC college of veterinarians recently stated that more than 91 per cent of members who took part in a recent vote cast ballots against tail docking. But the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), which sets standards for dog breeds in the Canada, still insists that these procedures carry the notion of “freedom of choice" for Canadian breeders. As we know, animals don't have this choice.

Over 70 breeds are still subjected to the cruel practice of tail docking a few days after birth, without anesthesia of any kind. This involves cutting through muscles, tendons, up to seven pairs of highly sensitive nerves, and severing bone and cartilage connections, causing puppies to yelp in pain, and often leading to infection, phantom pains and other complications.

Let’s end this pointless mutilation. Please sign this petition asking the CKC to follow in other countries’ footsteps and remove tail docking and ear cropping from its breed standards.

By removing their tails, we are not only subjecting them to pain and possible medical complications, we are also robbing them of one of their greatest communication tools. The tail’s position and movement can indicate friendliness, submission or a warning signal. It serves as a protective mechanism, helping dogs establish boundaries and avoid aggressive encounters. Studies have shown that dogs are less likely to approach dogs with docked tails than those with their tails intact. Without this crucial means of communication, dogs are socially handicapped.

It is high time for Canadian breeders to stop mutilating Great Danes, Boxers, German Shorthaired Pointers, Schnauzers, Cockers and many more breeds. It is time for these poor dogs to be allowed to keep their tails and ears intact.

Please join us in calling on the CKC to remove tail docking and ear cropping from its breed standards, so Canadian breeders can stop these cruel practices.

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