PM should condemn Trump’s racist response to Black Lives Matter protests.

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 Trump has condoned the use of violence against Black Lives Matter protesters by the police and the national guard. 

His since deleted tweet read ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’. He also labelled Antifa as a terrorist organisation.

How many innocent black lives have to be lost before the UK condemns the POTUS’ racist behaviour and for our Prime Minister to stand in solidarity with Black people, irrespective of whether they’re British or American

Boris Johnson needs to:

1) Condemn Trump’s racist behaviour and ignorance -not only in the case of George Floyd but in countless other cases of white supremacy too.

2) Recognise the racist flaws ingrained into the UK’s policing system and implement further training.

3) Vocalise the wrongdoings of the Conservative party, including that of the Windrush Scandal and Grenfell.

His silence makes him complicit.
A complicit Prime Minister is the equivalent to a racist Prime Minister.

Stand united with black people and sign this petition.