CALL TO ACTION - Distribute Wealth Fairly & Consistently

CALL TO ACTION - Distribute Wealth Fairly & Consistently

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James Molloy started this petition to Leader of Ireland (Taoiseach Of Ireland)


Have you, a family member or a friend faced any of these problems?

  • Struggled to have enough money to get by, week to week (e.g. pay for food and household bills)
  • Struggled to pay for college bills or even have money to go to college?
  • Struggled to have surplus money to treat yourself, or your loved ones?
  • Struggled to fund an existing or new business.

Then please keep reading….

For years, there has been so much inequality in the world and the wealth has been unfairly distributed.  The global lockdowns caused by COVID 19, has pushed more people into poverty and despair.  Public representatives and society in general have fooled us to believe that an economy can only grow with the government spending X amount in sector A and spending Y in sector B (do this economic measures actually ever benefit you directly?).  When in fact, an economy will always grow, provided if the citizens of that country has money in their pockets.  COVID 19 and the lockdowns have taken away livelihoods and much more....I want to help repair some of the damages done...

What if there was another way for people to increase their wealth?  What if 2021 didn’t have to be solely about COVID 19 and bad effects it will have on people.

My main goal is, I want people to have more disposable income, to help them live better and easier! (e.g. overcome some of the before mentioned problems).  This can be done leveraging existing (and adjusting a few) industries, technologies and government laws/ policies, I believe it can easily be achieved.

Would you support such an initiative that challenges the norm and looks to increase the wealth of every adult citizen of your country, in a more fairer and even way?  We have the technology to do so but it isn’t been used to it’s fullest potential.  

Initially I wanted to introduce this initiative worldwide but that’s going to be extremely difficult with widespread lockdowns and I don’t have a seat at the Davos table ;)  So instead I want to introduce it first, in the Country I love so dear…Ireland...and I hope you will help.

I want to unite the people under one new initiative that will have positive benefits for families, communities and the country as a whole.  Once I’ve shown how it benefits Ireland, I will then look to introduce it in other countries.



I hope anyone that is from Ireland (in anyway) or just would love to help make a positive change in the country, then please sign the petition.  The petition signatures will be sent initially to the Taoiseach of Ireland, and when the goal is reached they will be mailed to every TD (public representative) in Ireland.

If you support this initiative, and choose to sign the petition, once the signature goal of half a million has been reached, I will attempt to stand before Irish TDs & Government leaders in Dail Eireann, to acquire funding & legislative support from Dail Eireann to introduce this new initiative.

I will be the person that will oversee the introduction of this new initiative, in conjunction with the people and the governments to prevent any corruption from taking place.

If the Irish Government & the (approximate) 3.5million adults in Ireland fully support the initiative, then per year, I will make 80000 people 50000 euro wealthier, in a 100% fair way.  There is a means to increasing this beyond 80000 people but that might be introduced via a phase 2 of the initiative.

There is one "catch" for the recipient of the money, is that, at least half of it has to be spent in Ireland (via a new debit card system).  Overtime, this investment in the people will also benefit their extended families, local communities and country.

If you choose to sign this petition, please keep in mind that you will have to go into your email and click the verification link that is sent to you.  Please also share it on social media.  With enough support from the people, anything is achievable.   

I don't want your donations to socialise it on this platform; instead please socialise it on other social media platforms for free or amongst friends and family (face to face). 


Closing Remarks

I’ll admit…I’m looking for a leap of faith from the people...that I’ll fulfil my commitment to achieving this goal…but it’s no different to the leap of faith you put in public representatives when you vote them in….that the plans to spend in sectors A,B...will actually benefit you, your family, community and country fairly.  Without the peoples support, my ability to introduce this new initiative will be a lot more difficult….but it wont stop me pursuing it.

Let us, the people, unite and try and start something good in 2021.

Feel free to leave questions in the comments at the bottom of the petition, and I’ll try answer them with new updates.

Kindest Regards!



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!