Help Peewee to get back to his true owners!

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Hello! My name is Ilya Linkevich. Me and my boyfriend River Ward adopted dog Peewee from Ace Of Hearts Dog Rescue and their founder celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman  in Los Angeles, California in March. In May me and my boyfriend went to Chicago for my boyfriend cousin's graduation. We left our dog with our friend. While she was at work, Peewee somehow escaped from the house. Gladly he was found and returned back to Ace Of Hearts.

The point is that Ace of Hearts and their founder lied to us about it. They said that they didn't receive the dog. The made up a huge lie that someone picked him up and provided us with a random number.We called the police and  Detective Philmore from Ventura County Sheriff Department took our case and found out that this random number actually was given by an app and it was linked to Ace of Hearts and Kari Whitman. Few days later detective found out that Ace Of Hearts resold our dog to some other people, also they didn't provide information to who they sold him even to police! Because Ace Of Hearts and Kari Whitman are guilty, that tried to accuse us that we broke the contract, when it didn't work they tried to accuse us in abuse of our own dog! They hired an attorney who actually stood up on our side and said that all the evidences prove that Ace of Hearts is guilty and he tried to convince them to give the dog back but because of that they just fired him.

We tried to contact Ace Of Hearts and Kari Whitman peaceful way but they just blocked our phone numbers so we wouldn't be able to reach them. Also I tried to contact them through Instagram without any threat but they just blocked me! I tried to reach out to volunteers from Ace of Hearts but they were blocking me too. Then I asked all my followers and friends to share our story and write a comment "Don't be cruel and give Peewee back to @ilya_linkevich and @hockeyriv" under pages @aceofheartsdogrescue and @kari_whitman_interiors on Instagram. There were more than 330 comments in less than 2 days. Because of their guilt, Ace Of Hearts with Kari Whitman deleted all the comments and blocked my friends so they could get away with it.

Right now criminal charges are being pressed against Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue and Kari Whitman and this case will be sent to state court. This petition would help to get Peewee home to his true parents faster. Also it will show that non-profit organization steal and resell dogs. They should be ashamed of what they have done! People should be aware of dealing with them so they won't be cheated like us. Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue and Kari Whitman are thieves and they should get the punishment they deserve. Justice should come! Pets never should be separated from their loving home! Please, we really need your help and support! We don't want this situation happen again to any pet owners! We also would really appreciate if you share our story with your friends and other pet owners!

Never deal with Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue and their founder celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman! #GivePeeweeBack