WE ARE STILL NOT DONE YET, Support legislation to prevent balcony collapses.

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My life was changed forever a year ago when I lost my daughter, Ashley and my niece Olivia when a balcony they were standing on collapsed in Berkeley, California and they and four other students fell to their deaths.
If you or a loved one rent an apartment with a balcony or have ever been on vacation and stepped out on a balcony to admire the view – you, too, may be in danger as you have no idea if/when that balcony has been properly inspected.
We are very thrilled to report that on September 15, 2016 the California’s Governor Brown signed SB 465, a bill which we hope will lead to “more oversight to the construction and contractors' industry.” Our goal is to have the construction industry be required to release their public safety records and report any work related crimes or settlements to the Contractors State License Board. It is my hope that this bill will ultimately force changes to the building codes and require stricter standards for balcony construction. Most importantly, contractors who build defective structures must be required to publicly disclose their settlements. The practice of “Secret Settlements” in the construction industry only helps contractors hide their negligent conduct.  The public and the agencies overseeing this industry must have access to this information so that substandard contractors can be identified and properly regulated.  
I want to extend my sincere gratitude to State Senators Jerry Jill and Loni Hancock for bringing this bill to the table and to all those who have signed my petition and who continue to help us gain momentum to reach our goals.  The media has been instrumental in helping us spread the word and encourage awareness about our cause.  The process of trying to implement changes started with my lawyers at Rains Lucia Stern, PC addressing the City of Berkeley and will hopefully end with the enactment of specific laws to prevent this type of tragedy from occurring again.  There have been previous balcony collapses as a result of dry rot and poor construction both in California and nationally, including the recent collapse at Trinity College in Connecticut.  The Berkeley balcony collapse at “Library Gardens” that killed my daughter was not an isolated event.  These tragedies are repeat catastrophes that can be prevented.  We must stand united against the construction industry’s special interest agenda to prevent these proposed changes.
While we are now one step closer to the action that could help prevent this tragedy WE ARE STILL NOT DONE YET.
We need to make sure that future legislation on these issues continue to be addressed.  I am urging you to please continue to share, sign, and spread the word in support of my petition.
We can’t get Ashley and Olivia back, but if this tragedy can save the life of even one person who steps out on a balcony.
I have created this petition in honor of all those who were injured and those who no longer have a voice: Aoife Beary, Clodagh Cogley, Jack Halpin, Niall Murray, Sean Fahy, Conor Flynn, Hannah Waters, Olivia Burke, forever 21; Eoghan Culligan, forever 21; Niccolai Schuster, forever 21; Lorcan Miller, forever 21; and Eimear Walsh, forever 21; and my beloved daughter Ashley Donohoe, who had just turned 22.
Thank you,
Jackie Donohoe