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Climate Change has created a hot and dangerous Summer

Jorge Rebagliati
Santa Rosa, CA, United States

Aug 1, 2018 — Dear friends:

It is good to know that there are friends of humanity at the Washington Post. Reporters Joel Achenbach and Angela Fritz have written a "hopefully' trend-setting article titled "Climate change is supercharging a hot and dangerous summer".

They fall short of entering the Climate Change Action Hall of Fame by not writing about what humanity needs to do to deal with Climate Change and survive the volleys that will keep on coming for several years even if human greenhouse emissions come to an immediate halt, but they succeed in revealing that Climate Change is on us and our negligence to act will keep on making it worse.

Some of the enlightening paragraphs are:

"The brutal weather has been supercharged by human-induced climate change, scientists say. Climate models for three decades have predicted exactly what the world is seeing this summer.

“The old records belong to a world that no longer exists,” said Martin Hourlong, a research meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“You see roads melting, airplanes not being able to take off, there’s not enough water,” said Katharine Hayhoe, director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University. “Climate change hits us at our Achilles’ heel. In the Southwest, it’s water availability. On the Gulf Coast, it’s hurricanes. In the East, it’s flooding. It’s exacerbating the risks we already face today.”

This summer, the jet stream has undulated in extreme waves that have tended to block weather systems from migrating. The result has been stagnant high-pressure and low-pressure systems with dire results, such as heat waves in some places and flooding elsewhere.

“When those waves are very big — as they have been for the past few weeks — they tend to get stuck in place,” said Jennifer Francis, a professor of atmospheric science at Rutgers University. Last year, scientists published evidence that the conditions leading up to “stuck jet streams” are becoming more common, with warming in the Arctic seen as a likely culprit.

Gone are the days when scientists drew a bright line dividing weather and climate.


Overall precipitation has decreased in the South and West and increased in the North and East. That trend will continue. The heaviest precipitation events will become more frequent and more extreme. Snowpack will continue to decline. Large wildfires will become even more frequent."

So there you have it: now you know why the Eastern United States of America is flooding and why the West is burning right now. It is the Jet Stream going crazy because of Climate Change. This is not a small revelation that gives you more insight on why THE WEATHER IS SO BAD.

Keep up the good work, which means to rebel against quietly going into oblivion without having really tried to stop the Climate Change monster we have created.

Promote this petition and do your work to save yourself and the rest of humanity by revolutionizing your areas of influence to make Climate Restoration and Climate Change Adaptation THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.


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