Cairns Regional Council: Preserve the endangered flying foxes species

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Cairns is one of the most beautiful places in Australia and it’s most awe-inspiring attraction is the native wildlife it offers. I have spent many hours at the City Library admiring the spectacled flying fox roost. I am heartbroken that the Cairns Regional Council wants to relocate this colony, threatening the already vulnerable species. This is why I’m calling on the CRC to discard the current Relocation Management Plan and draft a new one that truly preserves the species.

The Cairns Central swamp is not a suitable relocation site. It carries the risk of aviation strike, which is a threat to both, the animals and passengers of the aircraft. Moreover, such dispersal to a site that the flying fox population has never relocated to on its own, can fragment the already dying population.

Only a couple of months ago, we lost 23,000 spectacled flying foxes due to a terrible heatwave in 2019. The proposed dispersal will further adversely affect 10-15% of the remaining population, threatening their extinction. We need to be doing more to protect our native wildlife, instead of uprooting them from their home.

The relocation plan appears to be poorly researched with improper analysis of the risks associated with this selfish move. This is why I’m calling on CRC to re-evaluate their plan and update it to mitigate the impacts of this dispersal on the species.