Abolish TCA, the "toll roads" agency, a threat to our quality of life

Abolish TCA, the "toll roads" agency, a threat to our quality of life

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TCA's agenda and failed financial policies threatens to sever communities and diminish our quality of life.

Orange County's Transportation Corridors Agency has failed in its stated mission " enhancing mobility in Orange County and Southern California." The agency's roads are among the least used in Orange County, providing benefit to a tiny minority of the millions mired in daily commutes. Because of their failed financial model TCA's original tenet-- that tolls would retire the bonds and their roads would become freeways-- will never be realized. As a result TCA's roads are little more than empty promises for home buyers lured by the illusion of ready access; OC residents resolve instead to join the congestion on freeways they can financially afford. Meanwhile we all pay to maintain, patrol, and fix TCA's tollways with our tax dollars.

The agency's #1 priority now is self preservation, promoting projects fraught with environmental damage which cannot be mitigated. Their dogged promotion of the San Mateo alignment ended with multiple defeats by every agency they faced. Their pursuit of that alignment combined with damages now owed to NGOs adds to their already unmanageable debt .

Their claim that a "parallel route to the I-5 is needed" has not been validated by other transportation authorities. Still they attempt to push it through cities in South Orange County already paying the price for facilitating transportation on the I-5: noise, air pollution, and arterial congestion. TCA seeks to decimate zoned open space with a six lane alignment which includes surface and elevated right of way in San Juan Capistrano, on and off ramps, and a major interchange in the center of San Clemente's most congested arterial intersection.

It's clear TCA is wantonly tone deaf. Whatever actual transportation value TCA may have provided in the past has long since expired. Equitable transportation management for all the citizens of Orange County can be carried out by OCTA and Caltrans. TCA's power of eminent domain is clearly in the wrong hands; their joint powers authority must be rescinded. The agency must be abolished.