Stop Air Canada Vacations from selling tickets to SeaWorld

This petition made change with 1,080 supporters! is known for providing Canadians with fabulous travel packages around the world that include optional tickets to tourist attractions. Two of the attractions are SeaWorld in Orlando Florida, and in San Diego California,  where since the 1960's, orcas have been captured from the wild and taken from their families to be forced to perform tricks in order to be fed.

For over 50 years, SeaWorld has abused and mentally tortured numerous ceteceans (including dolphins) only to line their pocketbooks. The release of documentaries such as Blackfish shows how the practice is done and what kind of cruel acts SeaWorld has done over the years, including risking the lives of their own staff members in order to make a few dollars. 

Orcas have a normal life expectancy of 30-50 years with a maximum of 60-70 years. At SeaWorld, the average life expectancy is 14 short years. That's 14 torturous years of living in tiny chlorinated tanks, breaking their teeth, having their dorsal fins completely collapse, eating a poor diet, being separated from their families and unable to swim the hundreds of miles it's supposed to. 

It is well known that orcas and dolphins are highly  intelligent and sophisticated  social creatures with strong family bonds. Keeping them away from their families creates stress, depression and illness. It's a death sentence and it's a sad existence for these beautiful animals

Air Canada Vacations promotes Seaworld in the following manner: "Spend a full day exploring the awe-inspiring world of marine life at SeaWorld San Diego, where every encounter is a new adventure. Come face-to-face with playful dolphins, magnificent white beluga whales and friendly penguins. Upgrade your ticket to include a visit to Aquatica San Diego, SeaWorld's newest waterpark or an all-day dining package!"

Please sign this petition to show Air Canada's president and CEO Călin Rovinescu that it is unacceptable to promote these parks in their vacation packages. We call on Air Canada to immediately cease the sales and promotion of tickets to all SeaWorld parks. Let's show Air Canada that they are a part of the problem and that animal abuse comes in many forms

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