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Demand Justice for Holocaust Survivors!

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About one week ago, the Polish Parliament introduced a draconian law that would effectively block any Polish Holocaust survivors or their heirs from recovering any of the roughly $1 Billion of Jewish-owned property that was taken during the Holocaust period. The law has several craftily-concocted and impossible to meet provisions that are engineered to prevent any Jewish claimants from success in retrieving the countless homes, synagogues, businesses and family heirlooms that were ruthlessly stolen from them during the Holocaust, when more than 90% of Poland's 3.3 Million Jews were tortured, starved, and murdered in Nazi Concentration Camps. The law demands that all claimants prove they had been residents of Poland when their property was stolen, which the Poles know is ridiculous, as nearly all Polish survivors fled after the Holocaust, prior to the nationalization of Poland by the Soviets in the late 40's, and none of them have the paperwork to prove their status anyhow. It also makes the even more outrageous condition that all claimants must be current citizens of Poland-- laughable given that the vast majority of claimants do not meet this description for the above reason. Even more deplorable is the requirement that all claimants be direct descendants or spouses, which is most often impossible as the spouse and children of a victim were killed with them and only their siblings survived. Even without these abhorrent rules, the Poles have slyly added a postscript -- All unclaimed property will be transferred to the Polish government! As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I have heard firsthand of the atrocities of the Nazis, and moreover, the happiness and zeal with which the native Poles and Hungarians cheered the Jews on to their grisly deaths. If for no reason other than to prevent the precious belongings of the martyrs of the Holocaust from going to the children of their murderers, please sign this petition, send it on, and declare to Poland and the entire world that we will not rest until this detestable travesty is defeated! TELL POLAND'S LEADERS WE WON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! LET'S DEFEAT THIS LAW TOGETHER!!

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