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I am starting this petition to get my seriously ill cousin repatriated back to the UK from Cambodia for life saving treatment. 

The British government have so far refused to help and i now call on the government and some of the UK most senior MPs to get involved and help a British citizen in his hour of need and do all they can within their power to get him home

We think Charlie has travel insurance but because of his current condition and data protection the family cannot access this crucial data. 

Let's be honest how many of us leave a copy of our travel insurance with loved ones when we travel, this could be anyone of us. 

The family, close friends and random strangers are striving to raise the money to get Charlie home.

There is a massive Facebook campaign along with the local press from Charlie and his mums home town helping raise Charlie's appeal along with the Evening Standard who are running his story. 

Please sign my petition and help the family and Charlie get the basic support from the British government needed to get Charlie back to the UK.