Provide onboard hoists for passengers to access your aircraft at Gatwick airport.

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Gatwick airport is one of the UK's busiest airports yet they do not have a hoisting solution to allow disabled passengers to be hoisted from their wheelchair at the aircraft door to their seat.

There is a product available which is used at other airports but Gatwick airport has not been able to provide this equipment for their disabled passengers because Easyjet & British Airways do not think it is time efficient.

Hoists are essential for all severely disabled wheelchair users. Imagine a world where you are stuck in a chair and cannot move without the assistance of a hoist. At present airports provide staff to help lift the passenger. Would you really want airport staff, strangers you have never met to man handle you and carry you to your seat? How undignified is that? You would be embarrassed, humiliated, uncomfortable and at risk of injury.  It would set the tone for the rest of your flight as being an awkward and unenjoyable experience. 

Disabled passengers have the same rights to fly as other people but are being put off travelling because of the difficulties caused by lack of equipment etc.

Large airlines such British Airways & Easyjet should be embracing technology and equipment which allows more passengers to travel and see the world. They have a lot of influence in airports across Europe and could easily encourage them to make travel more accessible for everyone, yet they appear to be doing the opposite.

A little bit of thought, some planning and working with disabled passengers and some investment could make air travel accessible for everyone. As market leaders in air travel, Easyjet & British Airways have a duty to take this challenge on and start to make some changes for their disabled customers and the families of those people - remembering that if the disabled person can't travel then neither can their family!

Gatwick airport wants to invest in specialist hoisting equipment but until it gets the backing of its biggest airlines it cannot do this - Virgin Atlantic agree this equipment is needed but without the agreement of Easyjet & British Airways this will not be provided at Gatwick Airport.

Please sign to show these airlines that this is something that disabled travellers want and need in order to be able to see the world.

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