Multi-purpose covered outdoor area for Victoria Park, Herston

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The lack of a public covered outdoor multipurpose building so needs to change in post Expo 88-Brisbane! Our southern cousins are ahead of us, when it comes to providing free outdoor covered and all-weather venues.

Adelaide already has the Tonsley Main Assembly Building (MAB) while Melbourne has a free outdoor multipurpose area outside the Melbourne Museum and Princess Pier.

It is high time Brisbane also had such a FREE venue.

So, please do take the time to sign, share and also post positive and supportive comments on my petition. And we will be one step closer to achieving our long overdue dream! Having a local covered venue with multi-purpose function for sports has many benefits for skaters, and many other forms of expression like dancing and ballet etc.

This multipurpose outdoor building would enable people to train in a designated and purpose built area. Further it would provide the public with the opportunity to meet in a modern, funky new place and meet and train with other sports and cultural enthusiasts.

And now with the proposed re-development of the inner city Victoria Park Herston golf course into a public park, there is absolutely no time like right now to tell Brisbane City Council what we all want!

A MAB Tonsley-like building is so overdue in Brisbane and it is up to all of you to make this happen and to have Brisbane City Council hear our pleas.

Also please read my facebook post in this regard. It contains my proposal and design concepts to council and their replies. By reading it you will also get the opportunity to add your own input on the design and how it can benefit you and members of your group.

After you have signed this petition, please don't forget to share it far and wide to ensure we get that long overdue covered outdoor multipurpose sports building sooner rather than later.

This new meeting hub will bring many groups and individuals together.

It will also foster a great community spirit like Brisbane probably has not seen since Expo 88 (which happened before I was even born), finished a long time ago.

Can't wait to meet with like minded people and say "meet you at the Victoria Park hub"! What about you?

Thank you all!