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Bring back the Olympus μ[mju:]-II / ∞ Stylus Epic

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Bring back the Olympus μ[mju:]-II / ∞ Stylus Epic

Over the past years, we have seen the prices for compact film cameras rise steadily, while we are slowly running out of stock. As great enthusiasts of the Olympus Mju II and other analog compact cameras, our wish is to put this race against time to end and create new opportunities for the future of analog film.

We want to bring back the Olympus Mju II! And you can help us!

With this petition we want to convince Olympus to issue a new version of the Olympus Mju II. There are some adjustments that we would suggest, but in general, this petition is mainly about bringing back a simple and pure analog compact camera.

There are many great compact cameras out there, so why bring back the Mju II?

This camera was the beginning of a new era for compact cameras. It was cheap and stunningly easy to handle. The Mju II is the perfect camera to keep in your pocket at all times. It is super tiny, light, fast and has a highly reliable focus.

While one used to get for 80$, the price nowerdays is between 100$ and 300$ on ebay. Cameras of the Olympus Mju series from 1991-2001 were sold over 20 million times. The Olympus Mju II was sold about 3.8 million times and even won five prizes in two years!

While the Mju II has already become a true legend, we want to prove to the world, that the Mju II can easily keep up with our digital photographic devices.

„For years professional photographers carried one in their shirt pocket. Why? Because you could depend on the camera producing a sharp clean negative on nearly any condition.“

The camera was and still is loved by professionals and amateurs all over the world. And yes, there’s a thing such as the Mju II magic. Shooting on a Mju II makes you look at your subjects differently – it’s immediate, quick, raw and most of all it always keeps you very close to the action.

This petition is about bringing back an affordable and great analog compact camera, in order to let you experience the world through a lens and not from a screen.


We need you!

If you want the Olympus Mju II back, sign this petition.

We are going to send a voice of customer to:

Olympus Japan
Shinjuku Monolith
2-3-1 Nishi-Shinjuku
Tokyo 163163-0914

Thank you for spreading the word!

Maybe there will soon be a brand new Olympus Mju II.

Fingers crossed!



 We are:

based in Switzerland





Why we want olympus mju II back:

  • smallest compact film camera (smaller than iphone 6)
  • the handling is idiotproof
  • can focus on two spots (active three spot exposure system)
  • timeless design
  • amazing lens on a very small and relatively cheap camera


Improvements for The Next Olympus μ[mju:]-II:

  • name it „Olympus νι mju“ (olympus New Mju)
  • waterproof
  • different colorways (or chrome)
  • when you turn off the camera it loses its spot metering and you need to reset
  • no quarzdate
  • superscope (like the yashica T4/5)
  • improved flash
  • bluetooth connection for self-timer (with an app)
  • smaller battery / or rechargeable
  • new straps and pouch



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