Bring back Star Trek: Enterprise

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Hello everyone. It's been a long road, getting from there to here.

It has been over 15 years since Star Trek: Enterprise ended. There is still a lot of stories to show and character development. If they cannot continue it as a live action series the other option, I think would be best would be an animation series. Also, maybe include a movie or 2 and possibly a sequel-prequel series, which tells the story of the early years of the Federation. I think, this series should be called Star Trek: Federation or Star Trek: Rise of the Federation or Star Trek: The Rise of the Federation or Star Trek: Beginnings or Star Trek: Beginning of the Federation. They can also introduce an anthology series and Short Treks for Star Trek: Enterprise.

Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled early. Season 4 showed the series was getting better and season 5 was already planned and had many amazing stories and changes to show. Hopefully, there would be more seasons after season 5. Streaming services would be a great place to bring back this show, which has great potential to become one of the best science-fiction shows. If they do decide to bring back Star Trek: Enterprise as a series, it should continue after the episode Terra Prime. They could do the seasons with a smaller number of episodes for example 10-15 episodes per season and only extend the number of episodes if it is relevant to the story.

Star Trek: Picard has shown it is possible to bring back legacy actors and characters for more stories in the Star Trek universe.

If people seriously want Star Trek: Enterprise back, this petition is one way to show ViacomCBS, TV and movie streaming services that we want it to continue and have a proper ending. It is free to sign. Let's show them. Strength in numbers. Also, please share this petition and tell others.

Thank you.