Please make masks mandatory in Georgia

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Recently, Georgia has opened up our economy and we have seen an increase in cases. However, businesses are not adhering to social distancing measures and people have become bored with the pandemic. While everyone is exhausted with the current climate regarding the coronavirus, the virus itself does not care. We need to figure out a way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while keeping the economy functional.

This is where making masks mandatory comes in. By giving a state order to make masks mandatory, it will slow down the spread, saving lives and keeping many businesses operational. California has already done this when they saw a spike in their numbers. Arizona and Texas has allowed local government to issue mandatory mask wearing orders. Even the Florida Keys has made masks mandatory until 2021. Making masks mandatory will also take the burden off of businesses in trying to enforce basic public health measures to keep their employees and customers safe. In the end, this is a solution that will allow for people to live their lives while keeping each other safe from the coronavirus.