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Puppy mill owners care more about monetary profit then the well-being of puppies. Puppy mills continue to this day because of your everyday pet stores. People don’t know that most of their puppies they buy at pet stores come from puppy mills. This is why I urge people need to adopt not shop! To help run puppy mills out of business. Not just pet stores but even puppies online like Craig’s list or puppies being sold at markets. People must watch for responsible breeders, they are people who actually take well care of their animals, let you see the mother of the puppy litter and the puppies living conditions. If a owner will disregard these obligations it’s more then likely a irresponsible breeder. Puppy mills doesn’t matter about size, small can be just as cruel as large puppy mills.

What needs to happen to ensure puppies are well taken care of is, there must be more regulations on puppy mills to help ensure puppies are given the care and living conditions needed to live a suitable life. Puppies live in such terrible living conditions they are cramped inside small wired cages with other animals, they then start to develop infections and diseases this way. Living in tiny cages can take a physical impact on animals because they can damage their bodies and even become deformed also they can get dearly sick and die from different diseases and sicknesses spread from other animals and unhealthy living conditions. Dogs in puppy mills are given little to no veterinary care, without veterinary care can cause infections, diseases and serious problems especially if a puppy is already ill. Animals are rarely ever bathed because breeders don’t want to take the time to groom every animal this can cause them to get parasites from not being cleaned and living in dirty cages with other filthy animals that weren’t bathed as well. Female animals can be bred at every opportunity, litter after litter of puppies with no time for the female to recover, this starts to create puppies with deformities and because they are deformed breeders abandoned them because they believe they won't get sold. So not only do female dogs health come into risk but dogs get killed or abandoned for their looks.
Animals are abused and neglected by breeders. The animals become scared and unhappy. They are locked away in tiny boxes with sometimes little to none of food or water or even sunlight which causes starvation and dehydration. They don’t have freedom to play or be happy, which takes a big toll on animals because animals having feelings too. In the Federal Animal Welfare Act they allow a breeder to do all these things, they do not give strict enough rules on puppy mills. 

More advocates to help spread this awareness will help me capture the attention of congressmen Brandon Boyle and to address this issue. Noticing how cruel puppy mills truly are and the horrific conditions puppies go through breaks my heart. No animal should have to go through this lifestyle, they should be able to experience the joy of life and love and affection not like they are unworthy and treated like cash crops. I'm striving to spread awareness about puppy mills to people who are not aware of what truly goes on in puppy mills. 

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