Protect Brazil's Indigenous Peoples

Protect Brazil's Indigenous Peoples

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Brazil had just elected Jair Bolsonarco as their president, who has external views on the LGBT+ community, women, and made promises on murdering over 900,000 Indigenous peoples, planning on selling their territory to mining and oil companies.

Bolsonarco has threatened to close down FUNAI, the government's Indigenous affairs department, which is in charged of protecting Indigenous land. Already battling against Bolsonarco's threats of budget cuts. 

Bolsonarco views Indigenous peoples "smelly, uneducated and don't speak out language," and that "The recognition of Indigenous land is an obstacle to agribusiness." He declares that he will reduce or abolish Amazonian Indigenous reserves and has vowed several times: "If I become president, there will not be one centimetre more of indigenous land."

We, as citizens, need to show that we do not tolerate Bolsonarco's views and promises on Indigenous peoples, nor do we support international mining and oil companies that support fascists. We need to protect the Amazonian Indigenous peoples - before it's too late.