Reinstate NSW Jail Visits

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With the recent changes to visitors being allowed to Other Correctional Centres such as QLD And South Australia it is time that NSW prisons open there doors to visitors and allow inmates the vital in person contact with their wives mums children and loved ones etc even if there is no physical contact allowed at least allow visits that fall within the social distancing allowances and rules like they are already doing for virtual video calls by having inmates a certain distance apart etc.

The current covid 19 case numbers are a clear indication that NSW is making very good progress and becoming safer by the day so there is no stopping the reintroduction of physical visits for families and inmates.

The mental impact no visits has on all involved is detrimental to not only the inmates but their kids and loved ones.

And it is possible with the right steps and safety precautions that they could begin by Xmas and I call on the minister for corrections and nsw health to seriously consider doing so!