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With today's announcement we have seen the successful lobbying of pubs and clubs to reduce their restrictions. Gym's are not even open for trainers to perform one on one training, let alone 50 people at a time, I feel this to be a huge injustice to a community that is serving to IMPROVE health outcomes. "Regular physical activity is important for everyone, especially as we get older. Regular physical activity can help you to stay fit and independent as long as possible, reduce your risk of a fall and help to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease." - NSW HEALTH

I can not find a similar quote about pubs on NSW health site, so curious as to why pubs and restaurants are at the forefront of re opening, but gyms are not?

The 'stages of re-opening' also involved pubs being closed, the same amount of time that gyms would be shut, and this hasn't been the case.

There has been no clear way forward and huge misjudgment in 'caring for our health' by opening pubs and keeping gyms closed.

You spoke about personal responsibility Gladys, well give us ours.

#reopengyms #gymsNSW