Suspend the male MP arrested for allegedly raping a female Parliamentary researcher

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I am calling for the male MP and former Minister who has been arrested for allegedly raping a 20-something female Parliamentary researcher to be immediately suspended as an MP.

I also call for the Whip to be immediately removed from him. As the alleged wrongdoer is a Conservative MP, and former Minister, I am calling on the Prime Minister and the chief Conservative Whip to effect that immediate suspension.

Whilst the investigation continues it is wrong for that MP to be permitted to continue in his role advising women, his Constituency and the public at large. It is a safeguarding issue. People should be safeguarded from contact with him, until his innocence or guilt is determined. 

That he has been arrested but has not been suspended and retains the Whip, is a national disgrace

I know from representing many female victims of male politicians that sexism and sexual harassment is still very much part of the culture of political life at Westminster. It remains a misogynistic old boys’ club in which women are still seen as sexual objects and of being of less value/status.

I believe they think their sexist conduct will be protected by privilege and the Establishment. In the #MeToo world in which we live, they continue to possess power with very little real accountability.

Similarly culpable are any MPs and Whips who cover up, or fail to report, sexual harassment to protect their political party. Such conduct should also be treated as victimisation and they should be suspended and disciplined for gross misconduct as well.

The sexual misconduct is not confined to one political party but the failure to investigate and to punish wrongdoers, and provide justice to the female victim, is common to all.

Parliament, the home of our democracy, should set an example to other places of work.

My petition is for Parliament to take a stand against sexual harassment and sexual assault perpetrated by MPs. It should immediately suspend the unnamed MP who is alleged to have raped the female victim, and the Whip should be removed from him.

The female victim was very young (in her 20s) and a Parliamentary researcher according to the media. It is reported that she was assaulted four times between July 2019 and January 2020, including one occasion when she was so traumatised she went to hospital.

Please help take a stand by signing my petition.