Stop the wet markets, and stop cruelty to Animals

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Most of us know that the Coronavirus/COVID-19 was started at the Animal wet markets in China, this was due to the cruelty of the animals stacked on top of each other in confined cages with no space. The animals were sitting in all kinds of liquids, blood, puss, excrement, and then consumed by humans.The animals in theses wet markets are, not just wild animals like, bears, tigers, deer, snakes, bats, virtually every animal you can think of, including dogs and cats.

This isn't the first time we have had animal viruses, the SARS virus also emerged under similar circumstances from animal wet markets in china, which also nearly killed 800 people, infact both SARS and Covid-19 are in the same family caused my notorious wildlife markets.

WE MUST STOP ALL ANIMAL WILDLIFE wet markets, if we don't scientists have already said that another virus will happen again.So far as of the  (28/03/20) 28,376 lives have been lost to COVID-19 please don't let them be for nothing, lets stop this NOW. All the world governments must come together to ban all animal wet markets around the world, before thousands of more innocent lives are taken by inhumane acts to animals. we can all play apart by signing this petition so that we and the animals have a better future.