Prime Minister to meet with Holocaust survivors ahead of vote on the Genocide Amendment

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We are Dorit Oliver Wolff BEM and Ruth Barnett MBE, as Holocaust survivors, we are taking the unprecedented step of releasing a video, and writing an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to meet with us ahead of the vote on the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill. 

The Genocide Amendment would allow the UK to break the international deadlock and recognise genocide whilst we still have time to prevent it. The government could then decide what action to take to ensure that we are not complicit by trading on preferential terms with genocidal states. This crucial amendment needs to be supported by all MPs if they truly mean "never again".

As of yet, the Prime Minister has avoided listening to Uyghur activists, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Muslim Council of Britain and the International Bar Association. Will he now listen to us?