Equal support for the self-employed #Covid-19 not push us into the benefit system!

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Today Rishi Sunak released the governments plan to support the working class and businesses with a plan that will help avoid the mass unemployment that would likely occur, following the current epidemic crisis (Covid-19 Outbreak). 

The governments plans include: 

Paying 80% towards employees wages (up to £2500/mo) to avoid them being let go and falling into the unemployed category.

A Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme with 0% interest for 12-months to support the businesses.

Defer VAT payments for the next quarter (Now til mid-June) and give businesses until the end of the financial year to repay that VAT.

For the self-employed? 
We get access to Universal Credit, £95/wk and our self-assessment tax is deferred until January 2021. 

Being in the automotive industry, I am not entitled to the business rates relief offered to other affected industries and I will have to continue keeping up payments towards the leasehold rent of my workshop, regardless whether I’m fit to work. The £95/wk won’t cover the rent/rates let alone put food on the table. 

It seems this plan has been targeted to win back the faith of those employed individuals that make up 74.9% of the countries population, whilst the 15% of self-employed get pushed aside into the benefit system. No real thought has gone into how the self-employed might be effected and how they would survive. 

Why are the employed able to access payments covering 80% of their salaries but self employed have to sign-on for UC at £95/wk? How is this in any way fair? Why could the scheme not be open to ALL working class including the self-employed? 

We want an end to the discrimination in your plan. We want equal rights, equal opportunities, equal access. The people we have employed will be comfortable knowing their salaries are paid whilst the employers will be sitting on £94/wk, it’s NOT RIGHT!