British Aid for Australia’s bushfire victims - human and animal

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Bushfires raging across Australia have decimated 14.6 million acres since Sept, so far claiming the lives of 18 people (with many more expected to be found amidst the rubble), an estimated half a billion mammals, reptiles and birds - some species such as the loveable Koala, already endangered - and razed to the ground over 1000 homes and businesses. This is unprecedented and the fires are set to worsen - more high winds forecast across Vic and NSW this weekend threaten to indiscriminately spread the devastation further claiming more lives and homes. The fires are proving impossible to control even with the firefighting assistance from Canada and USA. Please help me call upon the U.K. government to provide assistance and aid to our Australian cousins at this time of greatest need. Australians always turn out to help others around the world - now its our turn to help them. The fires have torn through every state and know no bounds as they edge ever closer to cities like Melbourne and Sydney affecting the air quality, choking residents. Australians need help to bring this holocaust under control and rebuild their lives once it finally has been. Come on Boris Johnson as you prepare to leave the EU please remember the Commonwealth and support this wonderful country in its hour of need.