Call to Action: Education on Systemic Racism *Further Diversify the Curriculum

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This petition is created with the intent to further diversify the curriculum, with a particular focus on incorporating courses and electives that focus on the study of systemic racism.  

We acknowledge that the teachers have independently worked to diversify the curriculum to make it rich for our students.  Our petition is specific to changing the curriculum, across the State of Connecticut, to combat systemic racism and prepare our students to be educated, 21st century citizens. 

As part of this petition we believe Black History is History.  We propose at least: 

* A revision and advancement of the US History Curriculum  to accurately incorporate & reflect Black History 

* One elective on systemic racism for the purposes of educating our youth on this institutionalized way of thinking & dismantling systemic racism. 

* K-12 continuous education on systemic racism

* Anti-racist and Anti-bias teacher training and resources 

Our rationale is as follows: 

* Education starts young.  Students often do not have the opportunity to have a class on systemic racism until college, if ever.  Dismantling systemic racism is our goal & in order to do so, our youth need to understand this complex, deeply rooted system:  How it developed, what it looks like and how to truly dissociate from it and eventually dismantle it.  

We call on you to see the urgency in our message for change.  The study and understanding of systemic racism is particularly crucial for our youth, particularly  in smaller communities that are not as diverse.