Save School for special children , trees and the Heritage All Saints Church

Save School for special children , trees and the Heritage All Saints Church

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Started by Chris HD

All Saints' church Compound hosts a school for special children which is right at the choolay Circle. Now BMRCL is planning to acquire this land by demolishing the school. Do we need to build this on the lives of these invalid children? BMRCL wants this land for using as  a dump yard for their equipment at the cost of these young lives who are physically and mentally challenged? 

This campus host more than 100 trees and some are more than 100 years old as the church is going to be 150 yrs old this year. We do have some endangered species like sandle wood trees and other special trees and flowers and faunas in the campus. Now the temporary dump yard BMRCL is planning to acquire will make this beautiful green cover in to a flat land which is of no use as we can not plant any deep rooted trees after the construction.

We have a old age home which house the aged invalid sick members of the community who uses theses spaces as a walking area for their health and life.

The church which is going to celebrate 150 yrs will be stripped off the entrances to the worshipers and leaving the children and the church worshipers in to a untold hardship and disturbances. No entrance to the church and no parking place and very specifically denied any functions and celebrations inside the campus.

The church already parted a huge chunk of land to the public cause in terms of Bangalore Metro Water by giving more than 2 acres of the church land only in the interest of public interest and development by which now all the surrounding areas like Ashok Nagar, Langford Town, Richmond Town and Austin Town gets drinking water because of the generosity of the church &  members 

It is not that we are not cooperating for the public development project like BMRCL. We do give THE prime property  of the church land - the petrol Bunk, Toms Hotel , Fatima Bakery and Daniel garage for the permanent acquisition. 

So having done so much for the public utility & Developments  BUT  now we are stripped off everything and we do not know where to go? Near by there is Government properties and army land which can be used to save so many things like the special School children and trees and birds. 

Can BMRCL change the temporary acquisition  land in to army land or any other place and save the church compound and the lives of the people.

32,153 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!