Exempt the non-EU students from paying the tuition fee of SS due to the Covid - 19 crisis.

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To who may it concern

This is an open petition from the students of Austrian Universities who own a Non-European passport or third country. Due to the current global crisis of the Covid-19, Many of the non-EU students lost our jobs and we are not receiving any more help from our relatives due to the crisis, many of us come from a country where the currency is significantly devalued.

To continue with our studies and our lives in the current crisis, we would like to be excused of paying the tuition fee for the Summer Semester 2020 and for those who already paid to be refunded

The tuition fee for this semester is about 726.72 EUR. Many of the students will be forced to be DE-matriculated due to the impossibility to pay that amount. In the same way, we face more obstacles than EU students at the time to ask for a scholarship or get any economical help.