Hike the Blue Mountain Trails for Free

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As most people have heard, Blue Mountain Resort has decided to charge people to use the hiking trails starting June 6th. They have put out an announcement in recent days stating that this change is in an effort to "protect trail users" amidst the pandemic and in support of physical distancing guidelines. All while allowing people to use the trails, but at a price. 

Depending on how often you travel to Blue Mountain or use the recreational area's, will determine how much you are willing to pay. For the people who only hike, the Explore Pass will cost $19 for Tyke (Age 4 and under), $39 for Youths (Age 5 to 12), $49 for Young Adults (13-17), and $59 for Adults (18+). However, if you hold a winter season pass, you will luckily have automatic access to hiking trails and the gondola as benefits. 

Now why is this being changed? According to Tara Lovell, "the hiking trail network has increasingly required more maintenance as it is very popular and there is a lot of wear and tear on the trails and forests both from seasonal changes and pedestrian traffic" (Article by Jennifer Golletz in the Collingwood Today). 

Either way, this is an unfortunate change that affects many individuals who regularly use the enjoyable trails at Blue Mountain. Please help by signing this petition to make it known that we are not ok with these changes! Trust that people are capable of physical distancing and taking safety measures while using the hiking trails, for free!