Bloch: Say so long to suede. Offer a vegan shoe!

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At the sole of pointe shoes is a material called suede. Suede is the underside of the skin of an animal (usually a cow). It is a common misconception to think that suede is cruelty free. People think the cow is already dead because of the meat and dairy industry, so it doesn't do any extra harm. Leather does in fact come mostly from dairy cows, however leather is very profitable. Leather is worth 10% of profits for each cow, meaning that if people were to stop buying the skins of the cows, their profit would go way down and therefore the amount of cows being born and slaughtered would also go down. Not to mention, wearing the skin of a dead animal is just gross.

Click here to see one of Compassion Over Killing’s undercover investigation of a dairy farm in the US:

Pointe shoes are in high demand for dancers all around the world. Some dancers go through a pair a week or sometimes even a pair a day. This means that pointe shoes are causing a lot of unnecessary harm to innocent animals.

Suede is extremely cruel and more and more people are switching to synthetic materials because of it. Competing pointe shoe companies such as Gaynors and Grishkos offer custom synthetic soles, however, Bloch is lagging behind. Urge Bloch to offer vegan soles on their pointe shoes, so dancers who wear Bloch don't have to contribute to unnecessary animal cruelty.