The prophecy, it's a promise to us all: Set up a new Blind Guardian Open Air!

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When I was nineteen, I was rather slim and my hair was full. It was a magical time, my life was driven by endless summers and the pure, undying love for Heavy Metal. Back then, I was lucky enough to be part of a very special Heavy Metal Festival: The Blind Guardian Open Air, June 13th and 14th 2003 in Coburg, Bavaria.

It was two days of good natured, fan-friendly fun with tousands of enthusiasts from all over the world cheering and singing all thru the night. To this day, I as a fan cherish the memory of this very weekend as one of the best festivals I have attended in the past. And I want that to happen again. 

Yet - I must stress that - it's not for me, but all of those who couldn't be part of this in 2003. Because it's both our responsibility and the band's as the elder gerenation (yes, elder) to ignite the everburning flame of fandom within the next generation of young metalheads.

This plea is for all of us. It is about those lost in the twilight hall; about the tale of the hare, the fox and the crow; the red mirror; the wheel that keeps on spinning; the leader's task, so clearly and it's to witness the imaginations from the other side - it is about all the good that is in Heavy Metal, and all that will be.

Hansi Kürsch himself made a pledge on stage to return with another festival, and now after 16 years of waiting and hoping it's time to finally redeem the promise.