NYU: Implement Black Student Housing

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Exciting news + Creation of Black Violets NYU!

So our petition really kicked off with over 1000 supporters. We appreciate every one of you who signed! It means a lot.

Since we created this, we've:

  • Gathered support from administrators in housing to create our floor starting with the 2021-22 academic year
  • Made plans to form a student advisory board to champion diversity in housing
  • Been featured in NYU's student newspaper
  • Decided to start a brand new collective to support Black students! (donate here)

Based on the heartfelt and eye-opening responses we received from our peers, we want to push our advocacy further by starting Black Violets, a student led collective dedicated to Black student advocacy on campus.

Our first step is building an incredible website with resources, information, and ways to find community for Black students at NYU and other schools within New York City. We'll feature everything from Black wellness resources to maps of the best braiding salons and barbershops in the city.

We're asking supporters for donations of any amount (even $1s!) to help us cover our domain and website fees to make this site efficient and attractive. Donate here: click me!!

Please follow us @blackvioletsnyu on Instagram and Twitter to keep us with us! If you are unable to support Black Violets financially, continue to promote our petition. 

Thank You,

Black Violets Team

Brenah Johnson
1 year ago