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Almost 18 yrs ago in Greenville, S.C. to Curtis L Price (Bamoni) who was falsely accused and unconstitutionally convicted of an armed robbery he had nothing to do with AND SENTENCED TO 35yrs (Max out 2034!)

In 2003, Curtis Price (then 27 father of two young sons 9 & 7) was falsely accused of an armed robbery of an Applebee's he had never set foot in. All because his then girlfriend kept driving as he released several hand fulls of marijuana out the window during the chase. Had he known that the police were looking for an armed robbery suspect he would have gladly pulled over to clear up the mistaken identity.

The Greenville P.D. made a huge error in pursuing the wrong man. To make matters worse, once they discovered the mix up, they brutalized him, instead of acknowledging that they had the wrong man. Beating & tasing him until he was unconscious. Curtis awoke to find himself stripped NAKED and handcuffed in the back of an ambulance on his way to the hospital!

Curtis was arrested & indicted for armed robbery with a deadly weapon: a handgun, pointing a firearm & use of a weapon. The trial judge threw out the pointing a firearm, being that the State failed to introduce any weapon other than a plastic toy gun! So the failure to produce a firearm at trial should have given the judge grounds to dismiss the case but being that Curtis is a 6'3" dark-skinned Black male who had almost 2ft. of locks on his head was not allowed to get a fair trial.

The State changed their story from an armed robbery with a DEADLY WEAPON to armed robbery with a toy gun, without a Grand Jury!  A Violation of Due Process! The indictment was altered at trial; a violation of the both constitutions (South Carolina & The United States). 

Judicial Malpractice and Prosecutorial Misconduct and Conspiracy to deprive of civil/ human rights has taken place in this case and Justice is a must-NOW!

We The People must see to it that Justice be done in the form of a full pardon to begin the exoneration process!

Your help is needed and greatly appreciated. Will you help free an innocent man who has endured almost 18 yrs of torture?

Your signature will make a difference to make this wrong done, right.

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