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Bishop Raymond Browne: Stop clergy involvement in cruel coursing

At least one member of the clergy in the Diocese of Kerry (Ireland) is involved in hare coursing and in the Lixnaw, Kerry parish newsletter, publicity is regularly given to a coursing club's fundraising lottery draw. Paragraph 2418 of the Catholic Catechism makes it clear that "it is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer and die needlessly." Coursing, is one of Ireland's worst forms of cruelty - greyhounds are unleashed to chase hares and the timid creatures endure fear and stress from being forced to run for their lives. Hares that are hit by the muzzled dogs suffer painful injuries such as broken bones and dislocated hips. A majority of Irish people want hare coursing outlawed.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • President, Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference
    Cardinal Sean Brady
  • Very Rev. Gerard O'Connell
  • Lixnaw Parish
  • Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference
  • Director, Irish Catholic Bishops Conference
  • Bishop of Kerry
    Bishop Raymond Browne

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