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Investigate the killing of 3 dogs who had rescue on the way - investigate the 92% kill-rate - ban one step EBI

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Please need Justice for the killing of Sasha, Pepper and Ringo by the Vermilion Parish Rabies Animal Control, Kaplan, LA..
The Animal Control authorities though fully informed about rescue on the way for these three dogs killed all three of them.. they died by heart-sticks while fully conscious and that is a terrible death for these voiceless innocents.. in fact that is the standard procedure of killing animals here and it is barbaric and so cruel..

Please investigate this wrong-doing by VPRAC, Kaplan, LA. The shelter was fully aware that a rescue was on its way and yet no phone calls were made to the rescue or emails sent before the dogs were euthanized. No further explanation has been given by the shelter other than no longer available. This is not acceptable to the tax-paying and animal -loving public here and everywhere.

One step EBI is a heart-stick used on a fully conscious pet.. as one can imagine this is a brutal process and the pets die in agony..

Heart-sticks are basically used to euthanize very sick animals in clinical set-up who are in great pain and irremediably ill and who have circulatory problems.. even then they are sedated heavily as the heart-stick is a needle with a dose of poison which has to be pushed through several layers of muscles into the heart and that is very painful to a conscious pet.. if conscious they are sometimes punctured in the lungs or other places and die after 30 minutes of unspeakable agony.. this is totally abhorrent to do a technically difficult procedure as this on a healthy pet at this pound who has no circulatory issues..

Please ban this one step EBI in VPRAC.

Here is the intake vs euthanization numbers given to us by a citizen that called

Total Intake 1548
Euthanized 1425
That's a 92% kill rate folks.

Close to 84% of the animals that walk in that door are euthanized without even a chance of rescue, these animals are silently killed.. they are never posted to the VPRAC facebook page..
Please investigate these horrific statistics.

As per  237 communities ( and counting ) in the USA are saving 90+% of the pets that walk in through their doors.. and many of them are economically not affluent.. please help educate the VPRAC in the No-Kill principles of the and let the homeless animals here in vermilion parish truly find shelter and rights to life here..


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